Connecting with God, with Each Other, with Our World

Stewardship means taking care of all that we have been given by God.  It is a fundamental practice of Christian discipleship.  A key part of good stewardship is the annual pledge to support St. Paul's so that it can continue to be a vibrant community where God's love is made known and shared.

Making and fulfilling an annual pledge helps connect us to God’s purpose. We have an opportunity to practice and strengthen deep connections with Christ’s ministry in so many ways at St. Paul’s:

Connecting with God

The worship that is the heart of our common life reminds us to see God in all things, and to risk being transformed so that we might transform the world.  We have opportunities every week to connect through the Eucharist, an expansive music ministry, Christian Formation programs, small groups, healing ministry and much more.

Connecting with Each Other

St. Paul’s creates a welcoming space for every one to joyfully and peacefully explore the light and love of God, and offers myriad ways of connecting with each other in fellowship groups, retreats, book groups, outreach activities, social events, and a lively coffee hour!

Connecting with Our World

Through the ministries of St. Paul’s, we delight in reaching out to care for others in Metro-West Boston, across our state, country, and beyond. Some of the ways we connect are in our support of Family Promise, B-SAFE, our partnership with Haiti, and helping rebuild areas affected by storms and earthquakes.

When you are ready to make a pledge, you can quickly and easily submit your pledge online, or fill out a pledge card (extras are available in the back of the church)

Help us to use Your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously.  May our faithful stewardship bear witness to the love of Christ in our lives.  We pray this with grateful hearts in Jesus’ name.